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According to, a junior doctor can earn HUF 9.5 million (EUR 30,640) in a year in Bristol, UK.

Dr. Bálint Hargitai – a Hungarian anesthesiologist working in Bristol – told that the hospital he works in is very clean, and nobody is allowed to work more than 48 hours a week (including duties). They care for as many people as their time allows.

Inpatients are able to choose from three types of food, even diabetic and gluten-free products are available. In addition, the patients can rate the hospital conditions through a questionnaire.

The quality indicators are uploaded to a website where the potential patients can see the amount of operations that had to be done again and also the presence of hospital infections, told referring to Dr. Hargitai.

In Bristol, the doctors do not need gratuity: the base salary of the juniors is almost HUF 9.5 million (about EUR 30,640), while a consultant doctor can earn HUF 28 million (EUR 90,300) a year, with additional duty service fees. In Hungary, a junior doctor receives a gross HUF 155 thousand (EUR 500) a month.

According to the Hungarian Association of Resident Doctors, 89% of the doctors reject the concept of gratuity, but 70% of them still accept it, since their salary is low. Up to HUF 40 billion can be given to the doctors this way in a year, survey of Szinapszis Kft. showed.

The amount of gratuity depends on the profession: while a nurse receives HUF 1000 (EUR 3) a week, a surgeon can earn HUF 100 thousand (EUR 333) and an obstetrician even HUF 200 thousand (EUR 645) during the same amount of time.

István Éger, President of the Hungarian Chamber of Doctors said that the salaries should be increased to HUF 600-700 thousand (EUR 1935-2250) a month, which would cost about a hundred of billions of forints to the budget. The other option is a constant, slower salary settlement, told.

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