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According to articles in Polish newspapers, Pope Francis does not want to meet up with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán during his stay in Hungary at the International Eucharistic Congress because he does not like the refugee policy of the Hungarian prime minister.

Pope Francis arrives in Budapest for the International Eucharistic Congress on September 12. According to Telex.hu, the decision of Pope Francis is also a problem in the Vatican since it is clearly thought to be politically motivated. The Pope is dissatisfied with the way Orbán and the Hungarian Catholic bishops treat refugees, while Orbán shouts for the protection of Christian values ​​everywhere.

Several Polish newspapers reported that Pope Francis does not intend to meet Viktor Orbán or János Áder during his short visit to Budapest not because he has little time but because he does not like the refugee policy of the Hungarian Prime Minister.

Pope Francis does not like narrow-minded, extremist, aggressive nationalism.

– at least, that is what the Vatican expert of the Polish newspaper says. The article also mentions that a week ago, both Zsolt Semjén and Cardinal Péter Erdő travelled to the Vatican to persuade the pope to stay longer or at least meet with a representative of the government. According to the article, the pope has not yet made a final decision on the matter.

The pope’s short visit is particularly unpleasant for Orban because the “rival” travels to Slovakia from Budapest, where he will spend not only 3 hours but three days. According to Polish sources, this would be a massive slap in the face for Orban a year before the election. The papers also write that the Pope would not force the meeting precisely because of the proximity of the elections, because he does not want to influence the political power relations in Hungary with his visit.

Incidentally, all three articles specifically mention that Hungary interprets the situation as a “huge slap in the face” that the Pope spends more time in Slovakia than in Hungary.

The Rzeczpospolita also mentions that the intellectual party’s intellectual lunar court had previously explicitly attacked Pope Francis for his pro-immigration policy. In 2017, for example, Zsolt Bayer called the head of the church an “Argentine liberal” (derogatory) and a naive, liberal, gender-theorist sheep, and representatives of the Hungarian Catholic Church did not distance themselves from Bayer’s statement.

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Source: telex.hu

  1. Who cares what Satan’s mouthpiece Fake Pope Francis has to say about Hungarian migration policies. Maybe Fake Pope Francis should be told he is NOT welcome in Hungary. Hungarian Catholics are good people but False Pope Francis is a blatant tool of Globalism and Satan.

  2. God bless our Pope Franciscus I.
    May God grant him many more years of healthy life.

  3. We should pray for poor lost souls like Not Mario.
    What a dark and narrow minded life he must live.
    His comments repetitive are quite blasphemous.
    Pope Francis is deserving of respect without having to have his name “guttered” and “tarnished ‘ in the tone that Not Mario writes.

  4. The Pope is not Hungarian. He lives in the Vatican. If the Pope is so concerned with refugees, why doesn’t he open up the Vatican and welcome them in? No, he expects other countries to be overrun? But the Vatican is somehow inviolate? What hypocrisy!

  5. Norbert don’t pray for me, Pray for the fake occupant of the Papacy. May God have mercy on his soul because he is doing the work of Satan.

  6. Pope Francis should have ‘opened’ the Vatican for accommodation of Muslim migrants – whether ‘illegal’ or not – several years ago AND ordered that Catholic Church wealth (such as money, real estate, art-works. etc.) be sold / used to benefit such ‘poor souls’.

    Any other actions from him REEK of total hypocrisy.

    By the way, most of us already ignore “Mario” since he is so obviously ‘a lost cause’ and it appears that “Norbert” – who is following in his foot-steps – should be treated in a similar manner.

  7. The Pope should not polarize the faithful. Unlike God, he is not infallible. His stance on Muslim migration is in error. He should be speaking about the Christians that are persecuted by the Muslim. He should really not visit Hungary. The mass should end with a Roman Catholic Priest holding the service not a Marxist.

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