Police.hu writes that the Budapest Police Headquarters questioned twelve women and four men on the 7th of October on the charges of overbilling several tourists by hundreds of thousands of forints at a pub in Budapest.

According to the police statement, the series of crimes were carried out between the 21st of September and the 5th of October. The employees of the pub have wronged six tourists, including three Indian nationals, two Swiss-Afghan nationals and a Japanese man altogether.

Around a year ago, police have arrested 21 employees of a club in Budapest for overbilling tourists

The group had a well-devised method: they lured the tourists into the nightclub where they worked and got them drunk, finally overbilling them by tens of thousands of forints. They have scraped together this way almost 500 thousand forints (EUR 1500).

Should a guest not have enough money on them to pay the criminally high bill, the employees were kind enough to accompany them to the nearest ATM available, or even to their hotel rooms.

In the case where the victims were a group of tourists, one of them had to stay at the club until their friend(s) arrived back with the money.

A shot of pálinka = 360 euros? This might have been the worst case of overbilling in Budapest in the past few years

The police questioned the club’s three managers and two other employees on suspicion of vigilantism, infringement on civil liberties, committing fraud in a criminal association. Four of them were taken into custody, and their arrests have been put into motion.

featured image: PoliceHungary – YouTube

Source: police.hu

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