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Hungary is famous for many traditional Hungarian dishes, but the stuffed paprika (a type of pepper in English) is probably one of the most popular ones. This conventional meal has an excellent reputation in the country and during the past decades, Hungarians used many recipes and different techniques to make it.

Magyarországom has a perfect recipe for stuffed pepper and they added some interesting facts about this traditional dish as well.

The options of making stuffed pepper are endless: there are types without pepper, without meatballs, with fish, vegetables, cheese, etc. Many people think that stuffed pepper is an original Hungarian dish, but it is a common misconception. The first traditional stuffed pepper comes from Serbians, while many historians believe that they also learned the recipe from the Turkish.

The Hungarian type of “stuffed paprika” has been part of the Hungarian gastronomy for 100-120 years. Stuffed pepper’s recipe has gone through many changes by the Transylvanian traditions and the turn of the century.

A Hungarian cookery book from 1891 says that the perfect stuffing is made from domestic pig’s meat, and rice with salt and pepper. Another cookery book from 1912 adds toasted onions to these ingredients. There were also types where, instead of tomato, the sauce was made with sour cream.

Another important ingredient is, of course, the paprika (pepper), which must be Hungarian pepper, called paprika, and not Californian or any other pepper.

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Here is the perfect and most straightforward recipe for the Hungarian stuffed pepper


  • 40 dkg minced domestic pig’s meat
  • 10 green paprika pepper or tv paprika pepper (yellow)
  • 5 dkg fat
  • 5 dkg red onions
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 1 egg
  • 10-15 dkg rice

For the sauce you will need:

  • 30 dkg tomato mash
  • 8 dkg fat
  • 5 dkg red onions
  • 5 dkg flour
  • Stick of celery
  • Sugar and salt


  1. Wash the pepper and remove its pericarps and tiges.
  2. After this, make the tomato sauce by adding all the ingredients to the mash and stir it until it you get the perfect consistency a usual sauce has. While steering it, add some water to it. When you got a perfect consistency, leave the sauce to boil while you make the stuffing for the pepper.
  3. Add the rice, the onions (toast them on some fat before you add it), the garlic, and eggs to the pig’s meat and mix it properly. After it is ready, fill the paprika with this stuffing but be careful not to fill the vegetables with too many fillings.
  4. When they are ready, put them into the sauce and let them steam for a while. Add more sugar, salt and celery to the sauce if necessary.
  5. When the meat is boiled perfectly, you are ready to serve the Hungarian “stuffed paprika”.

Bon Appetit!

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