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Here is a traditional English Tea shop near Lake Balaton

Here is a traditional English Tea shop near Lake Balaton

“Where there is cake, there is hope. And there is always cake. ” Dean Koontz, author

For centuries people have commemorated important people and events with unique cakes: Victoria sandwich for Queen Victoria, Churchill Fruit cake for Winston Churchill, Trench cake for the end of the First World War or Coronation Cake for the crowning of a new monarch are just a few examples. This March 15 commemorate one of Hungary’s most influential statesmen with a delicious “Kossuth Cake”.

But first a little history:

After the Hungarian uprising of 1848, Lajos Kossuth was invited to visit America in 1851 to raise awareness of the plight of Hungary and to raise funds for a renewed revolt. Although his visit only raised $25, he was hailed as a hero and a champion of freedom. To commemorate his visit to Baltimore a local confectioner created a unique dessert.


Based on an old recipe for the famous Charlotte Russe, the Kossuth cake that he created combined a soft sponge cupcake with a filling of sweet whipped cream and a topping of either strawberry or chocolate sauce.

Although now largely forgotten, the team at Florridora’s Pantry will be paying homage to Lajos Kossuth during March by serving these delicious cakes in their newly restored and relocated English Tea Room which is now in Balatonmagyaród.

florridora pantry

Ken Jones, one of the tearoom’s owners said “ In addition to offering traditional, home-baked, English cakes, we are proud to offer our guests the opportunity to sample this unique treat that celebrates the life of this famous Hungarian statesman”.

Neil Stevens, another of the owners, adds “We aim to continue offering visitors a unique experience that merges authentic English baking using vintage recipes and a traditional Hungarian setting.”

Florridora’s Pantry is open at weekends and public holidays throughout the year with extended hours during the tourist season.


Ingredients for the Cake:
100g butter
200g sugar
2 eggs
225g pastry flour
½ tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt
100ml milk
½ tsp vanilla

Cream butter and sugar well, add beaten eggs, and fold in flour, baking powder and salt (sifted together), alternately with the milk. Add the vanilla. Bake at 180° in muffin pans for 16-18 minutes. When done, cool, cut almost in half, fill with sweetened whipped cream and ice top of cakes.

Chocolate Icing:

50g squares chocolate
50g butter
225g powdered sugar
2 egg yolks

Melt chocolate and butter, add sugar and a little hot water until just soft enough to spread, then beat in egg yolks and add a pinch of salt and a little vanilla. Makes a soft icing to spread on top of the cakes.

Strawberry Icing

10 ripe strawberries
½ tsp lemon juice
225g powdered sugar

Mash berries with a fork, add lemon juice. Gradually add sugar until stiff enough to spread, yet soft enough to run over top of cream-filled cakes. Ready to serve.


Florridora’s Pantry

8753 Balatonmagyaród, Petőfi utca 237.


About Florridora’s Pantry

Florridora’s Pantry is a traditional English Tea shop and exhibition located in Balatonmagyaród, Hungary. It is owned by Ken Jones and Neil Stevens, both originally from England but have lived in Hungary since 2007. The enterprise was established in 2015 with the aim to promote rural tourism and introduce English customs and tea drinking rituals to a wider audience. Balatonmagyaród is situated in the Balaton Uplands National Park and is a popular destination with visitors both from Hungary and abroad. Locally the tourist destinations of Kis-balaton, Kányavári islands and Fenyvespuszta animal park are all within a few kilometers.


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