The Miskolc City Transport is auctioning off the Tatra trams online, reports.

“The trams were made between 1986 and 1990, they measure 30 metres and 38 tons, they transport 300 people at once, and they’ve run 1-1.5 million kilometres, but they are exceptionally reliable even today,“ reported the Intergavel Ltd., the organiser of the auction.

“Similar trams to the ones to be auctioned off are or were in operation in many Czech cities, as well as Kosice, Pyongyang, Sarajevo, Moscow, Volgograd, and Strasbourg,” said Csaba Kocsis, head of Intergavel Ltd.

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According to Kocsis, it would not be surprising if the trams were bought by a foreign bidder. It is also not rare that the tramcars are used as catering units, children’s playhouses, or in other capacities which differ from their original function.

Intergavel is offering most of the trams for 25-50 thousand euros, but some can be purchased for 8 thousand euros as well.


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