211 illegal border crossers were apprehended on the territory of Hungary between Friday and Sunday, according to a statement by the National Police Headquarters.

According to the statistics published on the Police website, 103, 30 and 57 migrants were apprehended on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, respectively, and were accompanied back across the Serbian-Hungarian border by police and border guards on duty at the border. 21 illegal migrants were apprehended within the 8-kilometre border zone and along other external stretches of the border.

According to the new regulations that came into force on 5 July, illegal migrants who are apprehended within an 8 kilometre zone of the Serbian or Croatian borders are accompanied back to the closest gate along the border security fence and directed to the nearest transit zone. Those who can be proven to have crossed or damaged the border security fence, or who are suspected of people trafficking, continue to be the subject of criminal proceedings, while migration proceedings are being launched with relation to people apprehended along the Romanian and Ukrainian stretches of the border.

Last week, 411 migrants were apprehended and accompanied back in the vicinity of the Serbian-Hungarian border, while during the previous week from 18-24 July this number was 414. Only a few illegal immigrants-a-day are apprehended along other stretches of the border or further inland, the police summary states.

Photo: Balázs Béli

Source: MTI/kormany.hu

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  1. I see immigrants, I assume are economic are still entering the borders although it must be quite obvious to them they are not wanted. And I assume that the EU Commissioners are aware and still doing nothing which may have to do with Mutti Merkels last years offer for the good life for them all. However according to the News a lot of migrants who have already arrived here are getting uppety as they have yet to receive those things they imagined they would get and have said they wish to return home, or move on to other member states.
    Is it not time for the rulers of the EU to be honest, get off the fence and say for economic reasons Europe is full up and take any more migrants for the time being.

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