In the next few years, the capital’s elegant hotel market will face several significant changes. Between 2019 and 2021, many new hotels will be opened, including the location of Budapest’s iconic UNESCO World Heritage site, Andrássy Avenue.

Forbes reported that both hotels on Andrássy Avenu 3 and 52 are located in a historical area, and the two buildings where the hotels are built have been renovated before the actual construction.

Andrássy Avenue 3 is called the Saxlehner Palace, and its main hall is decorated with the paintings of the famous Hungarian painter, Károly Lotz. The style of the building is not that decorative and mainly follows a classical and pure look from the entrance to the rooms.

In its spa section, a special fountain will operate with several types of waters to taste.

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Andrássy Avenue 52 is located not far from Oktogon, which is not the elegant part of the avenue, so the style of this hotel is more sporty and extravagant with geometric motives and red, green, and grey colours inside the building.

In the hotel’s lobby, a gypsum horse awaits guests, decorated with the label of the Dreher beer factory. The horse is a returning motive in the hotel.

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Luxurious hotels conquer Budapest in the next four years

In the next three years, Budapest will welcome newly built four and five-star hotels all across the city with more than 4,500 rooms. The available five-star accommodations will expand with another 1,500 rooms shortly.



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