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Two-thirds of Hungarians support Orbán cabinet migration policy

Two-thirds of Hungarians support Orbán cabinet migration policy

Two-thirds of Hungarian voters support the government’s migration policy, a survey conducted by the Nézőpont Institute for daily Magyar Idők shows.

Of the voting age population, 86 percent of respondents were against and only 7 percent in favour of allowing the EU to resettle non-EU nationals in Hungary without the consent of parliament.

The ratio of voters opposed to mandatory resettlement has remained over 80 percent since a referendum on the issue was held in the autumn of 2016,

the paper said.

Support for mandatory resettlement of asylum seekers is highest in Budapest, at 14 percent, but is under 10 percent for all other cities and demographic groups, it added.

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The closure of Hungary’s southern border, on September 15, 2015, is supported by 97 percent of Fidesz sympathisers, by 94 percent of the supporters of conservative Jobbik,

and 57 percent of the supporters of leftist parties.

As we wrote before, also an interesting survey: the latest Magyar Ifjúsági Kutatás [Hungarian Youth Study] has been made public, and it reveals a lot of interesting (and concerning) things about the younger generations of Hungarians. Results suggest that financial difficulties are the major concern of 15-29-year-olds, read more HERE.

Photo: Gergely Botár/

Source: MTI/Magyar Idők


  1. Terry

    Many citizens from other European countries also support Orban’s immigration policies. Can we borrow him in the United Kingdom please, we are having a little trouble?

  2. Sander Driessen

    To avoid mistakes: Please read for Merkel her real name: Sauer! The support for Hungary is growing all over Europe!
    The ‘Supreme Soviet’ of the EU, without realizing it, has taken a big step towards its own final dismantling. With the political attack on Hungary that refuses to open its borders to mass immigration and Islam, the EU has taken a big step towards its own fall writes journalist analyst Tom Luongo. He compares the European Parliament with a parent who makes the crucial mistake by completely disobedient and rebellious child. The damage caused by such an outburst – called by Luongo the ‘nuclear option’ – is often permanent and causes scars that can not be repaired with ‘sorry’s’ afterwards. And you should not do that with a people who have been roaming and groaning under a different totalitarian regime for decades. The EU has now launched its own version of the nuclear option against Hungary because it refuses to accept migrants as part of the Soros/Sauer plan to import chaos and unrest in all corners of the European Union, writes Luongo. The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán went politically directly behind George Soros by adopting a strong anti-NGO law similar to that adopted by President Putin in Russia. Orbán knows exactly what he is doing and why. The reaction of Brussels is therefore a symptom of a much deeper and persistent problem caused by the fundamental anti-democratic structure of the EU. A veneer of democracy decided on a tendentious report (of an extreme left-wing Dutch GL politician, literally on the notorious ‘pay list’ of billionaire-globalist George Soros) and voted for 487 parliamentarians to take away the Hungarian right to vote, the final result of an article 7 procedure. All of this is the result of an anti-democratic decision by Sauer, who passed the German parliament and carried out the will of Brussels by opening the borders of her country and Europe wide open to millions of Muslim migrants. In other words, this nuclear option was always coming. From the moment Orbán said ‘no’ and opposed it, article 7 was mentioned in the press. So do not be mistaken, this has always been the plan. The problem of EU technocrats is only that the nations want their countries back, as with Brexit and with the Catalan independence movement. Europeans had never a voice in setting up the monstrous bureaucratic system in Brussels that is interfering with even the smallest and most futile national laws and customs. European citizens were also asked nothing when their national currencies were exchanged for the euro, nor about the hundreds of billions of euros of the prosperity movement from North to South. Viktor Orbán and his Italian counterpart Matteo Salvini understand that Germany is using the euro that is too weak for them to become even richer, while at the same time putting pressure on the southern debt countries to stick to the strict fiscal rules because of the transfer payments. That is why Salvini and Orbán want a ‘Liga of leagues’ from populist parties that will carry out what the citizens want and not like the European (slander) parliament only the interests of a powerful group of globalists and financiers and their political mouthpieces such as Sauer, Macron and Juncker looks after them. In the media, the picture is sketched as if Hungary, Poland and Italy want the lust but not the burden and many people kick in there. But that is precisely the intended effect: dividing people over money that is being taken under pressure (the prosperity movements from North to South) and is then used as a political weapon. According to Luongo, both systems are wrong, both the transfer payments and the unilateral orders of Sauer, which can now receive approval from barely 25% of its own people, but which, in fact, holds sway over the EU. About 80 years ago, a notorious predecessor of her tried to do with political and political blackmail by military means, namely becoming dictator of almost all of Europe. The nuclear Article-7 option, however, is going to be a nightmare for her and her companions Macron, Juncker and ‘the rest of all 226 hypocritical, self-righteous cruisers on Soros’ payroll in the European Parliament’, according to the journalist. And on that list, on behalf of Green Left, Judith Szargentini also wrote the aforementioned lying report about Hungary. Because not the French poodle Macron or Sauer, whose ‘animal force’ is a cockroach, but Orbán and Salvini are the future of Europe, Luongo continues. They know who their enemies are and call them by their name. Both men know that they must continue to say ‘no!’ And keep everyone who wants to abolish their national sovereignty at a distance. The European Parliament has given the leaders of Hungary, Poland and Italy new ammunition. They can now say to their voters: do you see that we were right? Article-7 measures will probably make Orbán and Salvini even more popular and more powerful in their own country. In the meantime, Sauer is being literally called a traitor in her own country, even known and high-ranking, even her own party, and the anti-immigration party AfD is on the rise, which, if it continues at the same rate, Sauers CDU can already figure out in 2021. EP ignorantly took a big step towards the end of the EU The heavily left-dominated EP (after all, the Christian Democrats and many liberals can hardly be distinguished from the left greens and certainly not from the Social Democrats) has therefore shot itself in the foot with the attack on Hungary even though it is now being celebrated in Brussels as a victory. You cannot humiliate leaders who have been chosen by their own people and treat it as scandalously as is done now, without causing serious and permanent damage. What will be the next step? Hungary, Poland and perhaps Italy from the EU? That will never be done because that will give the ‘populists’ even more food on which the whole Union will burst. And perhaps that is also the least bad option given that the EP and the EU in 2018 look like two drops of water on the former Supreme Soviet and the dictatorial Politburo and the measures that all Member States have to do in one big boundless and Islamized straitjacket. pressing, becoming harder and more compelling. This reprimand is like a parent who says: ‘Not as long as you live under my roof!’ On its 18th birthday the child runs away and then rarely hears anything, Luongo concludes.

  3. VEDO

    @Sander Driessen,
    You must have been a Magyar in your past life or family ties. If not, i welcome you for your wonderful insight and elaborate views on the matters you post regarding Hungarians and Hungary. It’s clear information that is not editted by western or even eastern media management. Keep up the great work!

  4. Sander Driessen

    @Vedo. Thank you for your support!
    My ties with Hungary started in August 1966 when I visited Hungary for the first time. The reason was to meet a Hungarian girl that had started a correspondence (in english) with me. She invited me to come to Hungary and I crossed the Yugloslav/Hungarian border at Letenye. I went to Nagykanisza and after some wonderful talks Tünde (her name) invited me to come with her to Budapest to meet her parents. It was a wonderful time and I enjoyed every second of that! Tünde showed me all places in Budapest and here started my interest for Hungary and the Hungarian people. I don’t know what happened with Tünde, I only know that she left her parents (!) in 1968 and went to London because she wanted to be with me. Hopefully Tünde is happy and healthy!

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