Once again, we came to the conclusion that YouTube is the home of treasures. Even though we’re always on a hunt for the best videos to share with our readers, sometimes it takes us several months to find these. This is exactly what happened to us this week, but we’re thrilled to share Expedia’s breath-taking Budapest vacation travel guide video 🙂

Expedia’s YouTube channel aims to feature the most useful tips from travel experts, their staff and their customers to help you plan your trip to the greatest cities of the world.

Their team visited Budapest this spring and shot an incredible video, which presents the sights and landmarks of the city in a beautiful way. The video also includes a historic overview and a mini culture lesson. It is a perfect travel guide, which summarises everything you need to know about Budapest before coming here.

“So when you’re ready to experience moments of refection, inspiration, and sublime beauty, come to Budapest, you’re sure to come away rejuvenated too.”

For that matter, this wasn’t the first time that the Expedia Channel shared a video about our capital city. Two years ago they shot another amazing video in the frameworks of their “One day in…” series. It is also a must-see footage 😉

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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