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The Slovakian Trend magazine’s online issue recently collected the top ten restaurants in Slovakia. One fact about these restaurants is truly unexpected and a huge success: one of the restaurants is in the Hungarian town of Encs (Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County), and has been chosen as one of Slovakia’s favourite restaurants.

Dining Guide reported that the Slovakian magazine not only recommended this Hungarian restaurant called Anyukám Mondta (meaning ‘My Mother Said It’) but also became one of Slovakia’s best restaurants. The Slovakian journalist who made this list did not rank the restaurants by other guests’ opinions and reviews but visited every one of them, including the Hungarian one. The journalist was so fascinated by the Hungarian restaurant that it immediately became a part of the list.

Let us clear it up a bit. Encs is a Hungarian town located 20 km from the Slovakian border and 45 km from Kosice (Kassa).

How does Kosice come into the picture? Some people who live in Slovakia’s largest city are keen on fine restaurants and gastronomy, and often say to other people:

“Kosice’s favourite restaurant is Anyukám Mondta.”

restaurant, Hungary, food, gastronomy

Anyukám Mondta has been Encs’s and its region’s best restaurant for years and has an excellent reputation. The Dudás brothers – owners of the restaurant – reported that it is not just a huge success and achievement but also a friendly gesture from Slovakia.

restaurant, gastronomy, food

For the official webpage of the restaurant, click HERE.

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