Hungarian folk arts and craftswoman Kati Zsigóné is internationally known as the best egg decorator in Europe. Now, she has finished what is probably her masterpiece called the Country’s Egg, reports

The special egg took one whole year to make. It is made of an enormous ostrich egg which is covered in motifs and images from ancient Hungary, telling the story of the country’s history through time up until today.

The Country’s Egg was created with the purpose of enriching and preserving Hungary’s artistic merits.

It is a really unique egg, as it was created with the use of 11 different techniques combined.

Kati Zsigóné holding the Country’s Egg
Photo: Fotó: Vörös László

By the way, the world’s best egg decorators were chosen in Dubai, where Kati Zsigóné finished in the top five, and she was selected No. 1 in Europe. We have already written an article about Kati Zsigóné and her incredible works of art that you can read here.


The creator wants the special egg to become the property of the Hungarian Government, and she would like the egg to be displayed all over the world as part of different exhibitions. She said the following things about her unique creation:

“An egg symbolises the beginning and the end, it is a miracle. It captures people’s gaze with its beauty, uniqueness and detailed workmanship. We are in it, our history is in it, the Hungarian people’s faith and lives are in it. It tells the story of Hungarians clearly through motifs, images and signs.”

Of course, the egg is mostly connected to the Easter holiday when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. However, The Country’s Egg is also connected to the Hungarian national holiday on 20 August, since one of the 8 central motifs is King St. Stephen, the first King of Hungary. 2018 is the 980th anniversary of King St. Stephen’s death, so the special egg also honours our first king.

Kati Zsigóné also mentioned that she used 11 different techniques to create the egg. She even used techniques that are completely unknown here in Hungary. She said that she had done this on purpose, so the egg will amaze everyone who sees it, no matter which part of the world they come from.

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