You’ve probably heard that Budapest is frequently called the “city of waters” and you might’ve been lucky enough to experience the natural wonder that comes from beneath. The Great Big Story shot a unique video, which presents Budapest’s underwater world as you’ve never seen it before.

The global media company and popular YouTube channel joined forces with the Hungarian Tourism Agency to create a video that gives an insight into the geothermal cave system that lies under the city. The video is especially fascinating considering that most of us “only” get the chance to soak above the surface.

Budapest is outstandingly rich in geothermal springs, which makes the city a home to the largest collection of thermal caves in the world. No wonder foreigners love visiting the historic baths of Budapest. The water wonder offers an unforgettable experience to everyone.

The video focuses on the Molnár János Cave, which is part of the Buda thermal karst cave system. It was named after János Molnár, who was the first to explore the passages of the cave and analyse the water’s chemical consistency in 1856. Newer and newer passages have been discovered since then. Moreover, a dive centre was opened a few years ago.

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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