Magyarország kúl posted a video featuring college students from the USA, tasting dishes of the Hungarian cuisine for the first time in their life. Some of them never even heard about these meals before.

Fine Brothers Entertainment is known for their reaction videos. In this edition, they asked a couple of US college students to taste Hungarian meals (or meals they believed are Hungarian) and then recorded their reactions and thoughts about the Hungarian kitchen. Most of the students have never heard about the Hungarian cuisine before, but, as it turns out, one of the participants’ friend’s mother is of Hungarian origins, so it is possible that she is the one who cooked Hungarian food for them.

Have you seen this video of Americans trying Hungarian food in Budapest?

As it is always the case, some meals were absolutely successful with the students, some not so much. You can find out about what the students liked from this 7-minute entertaining video.


featured image: Fine Brothers Entertainment / Facebook

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