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European Parliament President Antonio Tajani’s cabinet chief will discuss the Hungarian government’s nationwide public survey on the so-called Soros plan with Hungary’s ambassador to the European Union by phone, while the president himself will discuss it with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in person, an EP spokesperson said on Wednesday.

The spokesperson told MTI that, contrary to earlier reports, Hungary’s ambassador to the EU will not be summoned over the government’s survey.

Earlier on Wednesday, Guy Verhofstadt, the head of the liberal group in the EP, announced on Twitter that Tajani would summon Hungary’s ambassador to the EU with a view to stopping the public survey on the “Soros plan”. “On my request, the President of the European Parliament will summon the Hungarian Ambassador to the EU in order to stop the so called National Consultation against Soros,” Verhofstadt said in his tweet.

The EP spokesperson said Tajani would discuss the matter with Orbán in person when they meet at an EU summit in Gothenburg next week.

Socialist Party MEP István Újhelyi said in a statement that Wednesday’s session of the EP’s Conference of Presidents had touched on the issue of the nationwide public survey on the Soros plan. “Not even the European People’s Party group defended [Prime Minister Viktor] Orbán’s circle on this issue,” he said.

Újhelyi had said he was under the impression that Tajani would summon the Ambassador and speak with Orbán by phone to “ask for an explanation” in connection with the “national consultation” survey.

“This is a scandal! This is the shame of the Orbán government,” he said.

The Government Information Centre reacted by saying that the EP had decided to “defend [US financier] George Soros and the Soros plan”. It said that under the EP’s decision, EU member states — especially those that had yet to take in any migrants — would be mandated to take in migrants without an upper limit.

“In line with Soros’ intentions, NGOs would also be included in the relocation procedures while family reunifications would be made easier,” the centre insisted.

They said it was regrettable that Brussels had “taken the side of a billionaire over the European people” and that Újhelyi and Democratic Coalition MEP Péter Niedermüller were “assisting with this”.

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Source: MTI

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