Guy Verhofstadt

Hungary’s foreign minister has branded Guy Verhofstadt “malicious” and “harmful”, someone who does his best to weaken European nation states.

Responding to the liberal MEP’s comparison of Hungary’s law on combatting the coronavirus epidemic to Hitler’s Enabling Act, Péter Szijjártó said on Facebook on Tuesday that Verhofstadt had shown himself time and again to be unfit for civilised debate.

Referring to financier George Soros,

the minister accused Verhofstadt of being a “key figure” in implementing “the Soros plan”.

He said that since Verhofstadt was not a Hungarian voter, “it doesn’t matter what he thinks about Hungarian law”.

“It’s Hungarians who matter to us,” he wrote.

“We are protecting their health and jobs, whatever Guy Verhofstadt says,” he added.

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  1. Verhofstadt is one reason UK left EU.

    He really epitomises the evil of the globalist idea.

    Now he sees the EU collapsing he is unable to control his anger!

  2. Verhofstadt – dangerous individual, a history throughout his Political life, of agendas to de-rail – fractionize -destabilize from a position of self belief driven by vanity and ego, a power driven individual, destructive in his ideas & philosophies.
    In his warped political ideas, that regrettably, numbers in the European Union and others mistakenly have listened, have certainly not -“eased the pains”- of the European Union.
    Verhofstadt – in fact has splinted divided and dangerously fragmented the European Union, prior to this novel coronavirus pandemic, which sees it presently in a somewhat perilous state position – going forward.

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