According to, the speedometer showed 336 too in the Czech Lamborghini Huracan, which rushed on M7 between Hollad and Savoly even last year 5 September. This was recorded by the car’s passenger.

The driver suddenly lost control of the car and the Lamborghini struck first the left, then the right barrier, and then it broke off the road and crashed into the drainage ditch, said.

It is miraculous that both of them survived the accident. After slamming into the ditch, the driver got out of the car and rescued his passenger from the wreck. Then the Lamborghini was on fire and burned beyond recognition.

The ambulance took the driver and the passenger suffered serious injury, eight days to heal and he was transported by medical helicopter to the hospital.

According to, Lamborghini Huracan may cost USD 240 000 (HUF 66 million). An earlier Index article said that this car can be rent for EUR 2800-7200 1-3 days, or HUF 873 thousand and 2, 3 million.

The driver, the 36 year-old H.I. was interrogated as a suspect for reasonable suspicion of road danger. The Department of Traffic Police Somogy County Police Directorate completed the process recently and sent the investigation documents with prosecution motion to the Kaposvar District Attorney’s Office.

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