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Meanwhile, in Poland, they have to pay more than twice that price for the visa.

Nguyễn Gia Liêm, Deputy Director of the Department of Overseas Labour, under the Ministry of Invalids and Social Affairs, told this to the Việt Nam Economic Time.

She added that while Japan, Taiwan and South Korea are the most common destinations for Vietnamese guest workers, they go to work even farther. Seven countries in the European Union have granted visas for them all struggling hard with labour shortage: Poland, Latvia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Cyprus and Portugal. Furthermore, they can also get a visa in Belarus.

She also told that for the European market, the administrative cost for a Vietnamese guest worker varies depending on the country.

For example, a guest worker going to Poland has to pay US$3,000; Lithuania from US$1,000-1,500; Hungary US$1,659; Bulgaria US$1,000; Cyprus US$1,700.

About the recent 39 bodies found in a refrigerated trailer in Essex, England, she told that all Vietnamese workers should always look for legal ways to go. A legal migrant worker must obtain an official labour contract with the employer; must register with the concerned Vietnamese labour agency; must have the visa granted by the recipient country plus a work permit – she added. 

In 2019, Hungarian authorities may issue 75 thousand work permits for foreigners. Hungarian companies are mostly recruiting workers from Ukraine, India and China. Up until August, 2,261 Vietnamese employees arrived in Hungary – reported.

As we wrote it before, there is a good chance that there will be more foreign citizens asking for a residence permit in Hungary than in the previous year. Based on data received so far, the number of foreigners who came to Hungary can be 22 pc higher, which converts to 15 thousand more people. The Hungarian government has been fighting against migration for years saying that foreigners take the jobs of the Hungarians. However, since labour shortage is an ever-growing problem and the government’s attempts to attract pensioners and mothers at home back to the labour market with tax decrease and tax relief is not successful enough, they try to

In Hungary, the labour shortage is an ever-growing problem. Even though the government tries to attract pensioners and mothers at home back to the labour market with tax decrease and tax relief, such measures did not result in a radical change of trends yet. Therefore, even though in words, the Hungarian government is against migration; in reality, it tries to attract as many foreign individuals to come to work in Hungary as possible.


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