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The Visegrad Group of countries will start a charity hotline after a few months’ preparations to help each other’s citizens in need in the event of a disaster, state secretary of the Ministry of Human Resources Miklós Soltész said on Friday.

Speaking at a press conference in Budapest, Soltész said the Hungarian proposal aimed at “real solidarity … was very positively received” by the governments of the other member states — the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Real solidarity means providing help to people in need wherever they are, he added, whether they are victims of a disaster or Christians living in the Middle East.

Krisztina Dóra Varjú, ministerial commissioner in charge of Hungary’s 2017-2018 V4 presidency, said the charity hotline constituted a new dimension in Visegrad cooperation.

She said the Visegrad partnership was more than just a framework for the diplomatic and political events of which almost 300 have been held so far during Hungary’s V4 rotating presidency.

She said cooperation of the four countries has never been as important as “during these challenging times”, adding that it was a shared goal and a strategic interest to “build a central Europe that is successful, competitive and safe in the long term”.

Source: MTi

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