Budapest (MTI) – Another global summit on water will be held in Budapest late in November or in early December, President János Áder announced on public news television M1 on Sunday evening.

Áder referred to the United Nations’ objectives of sustainable development and noted water management as a crucial area.

“The problem is clear,” he said, and argued that a mere 3 percent of all water on the Earth was clear water, and two-thirds of that stock was not accessible. Due to the limited resources and increasing pollution it is more and more difficult to provide people with enough water, he argued.

Concerning his recent invitation to the UN Panel on Water, he said that the new body will be an advisory board rather than an operative agency. The World Bank’s participation in setting up the Panel will ensure loans and programmes that will help resolve water related problems, Áder added. As an example, he mentioned the development of technologies to save water in farming, or ensure water supplies to cities that outgrow their water base.

He said one of the gravest problems was waste water treatment, and said that half of the world’s hospital patients are people that were made sick by contaminated water.

As a member of the Panel, Áder said he would continue promoting Hungary’s interests, and help Hungarian experts and companies to better positions.


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