Hungarikum is a collective term indicating a value worthy of distinction and highlighting within a unified system of qualification, classification, and registry, which represents the high performance of Hungarian people thanks to its typically Hungarian attribute, uniqueness, speciality, and quality.

This is the official definition of a Hungarikum, meaning some of the most well-known and iconic products of Hungary. To describe it more simply, these are meals, drinks, and even animals, pieces of clothing, and buildings that stand out from Hungarian culture because of their worth, outstanding history, quality, recognition, and uniqueness; they are true, 100% Hungarian products. The most common ones, as some of you might know, are p谩linka, Tokaj wine, Dobos cake, Chimney cake, and T枚rley Sparkling Wine, but there are some you might not be familiar with.

Lake H茅v铆z

Being a popular tourist destination because of its healing thermal water, H茅v铆z is not just a unique lake in Hungary, but also a Hungarikum. Its unique location and the water healing people with respiratory and joint problems earned H茅v铆z the precious title.

H茅v铆z, thermal bath, Hungary

Ferenc Pusk谩s

Yes, even people can be Hungarikums. Ferenc Pusk谩s, the legendary and world-famous Hungarian football player, established himself in the history of sports forever.

sportsman, football
Photo: Wikimedia Commons


The capital of Hungary is not just a part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, but with the Danube River, the Castle District, and Andr谩ssy Avenue, it has also been declared as a Hungarikum.

Budapest property market


Hungarians have been known for falconry since the beginning of when they arrived at the Carpathian Basin. This ancient heritage has been the part of Hungarian culture ever since.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons


Every February, masked men flood the streets of Moh谩cs to scare away the winter season. They are called bus贸s, and they are also Hungarikums. This kind of winter festival related to the history of the carnival can only be found and observed in Hungary.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons by Museu da Imigracao de S茫o Paulo

Zsolnay, Holl贸h谩zi, and Herendi Porcelain

Holl贸h谩zi, Zsolnay, and Herendi porcelain are also Hungarikums. The finest works made by careful hands decorate many Hungarian households in the country and even abroad.

Herendi, porcelain, Hungary, manufactory

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  1. I was having a drink with a Hungarian man who now mainly lives inFrance, the other day. He mentioned that in France, the Herendi make is not really known. I can vouch for the fact that in the UK Herendi is pretty much unheard of. When my mother died I gave all her Herendi stuff to a charity shop (Oxfam) where it was subsequently priced and sold for pennies (well, ok a couple of quid). As for the other brands of porcelein mentioned, I鈥檝e never heard iof them. They might be famous in Hungary but not in other countries.

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