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What do you think? Do the Hungarians use Tinder just for sex or do they search for long-term relationships as well? Maybe another alternative could be the answer? Here are the answers from velvet.hu.

Marianna Nagy, psychologist, and sexologist asked 968 people about their aims with Tinder. Then, she separated the data according to gender, age, and marital status. On intimszfera.blog.hu, you can read about all the 13 reasons why the Hungarian people use Tinder.

tinder dating app sex


Tinder is mostly popular because, on the contrary to other usual dating apps, participants can communicate with others only if both partners like the other. This way, there are no unasked messages from anyone. Additionally, Tinder offers matches according to the users’ location. It is also a key feature that Tinder works online on mobile phones, that means, nobody needs to wait to get home and sit in front of the computer. Writing messages is easier this way, and participants tend to meet sooner for a date as if they had used a dating website. Some people, of course, criticise Tinder. The most common issue mentioned is that Tinder is mostly used to search for casual sex partners. Still, is this true for the Hungarian users?

tinder app dating sex


According to the data, seeking sexual relationships is in the second place in the case of men, and it seems to be almost as important as seeking long-term relationships. For women, however, aiming for long-term relationships dominates as the number one reason. All in all, the research shows that sexual adventure is only the fifth most important motivation for Hungarians.

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As for men, sexuality seems to be leading the list. It is interesting though that there is almost no difference between singles and those in a relationship. However, this kind of motivation is noticeably lower in the case of husbands. As for women, the motivation level seems to be equal for everyone no matter what marital status they have. The only exception are the women over 40, who search for sex on Tinder in a much larger number.

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Source: velvet.hu

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