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With the ever-growing popularity and prominence in fashion of men’s facial hair. It is only natural that there will also that comes with this a debate about what are the desirable features of someone’s beard.

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The answer that comes to the fore in any discussion regarding this is almost always that you want the hair on your face to be at its thickest and fullest. Nobody wants to have straggly whiskers that you would have been proud of in your early teenage years, these days its all about volume, size, and fullness, not hair that looks as though it’s been drawn on.

With the popular and fashionable style being very well established and the answer to what is the best look for a beard. The question and debate then moves to what is the best way to go about getting this look. This really boils down to what do you do when you want to thicken your beard?

Whilst there are a lucky few for whom this happens naturally without any additional effort other than the occasional brush. These people are though are a fortunate minority, both parts of this are equally true, they are as lucky as they are few in number. So then for the rest of mere mortals without the beard genetics of a Norse god. What can you possibly do in order to maintain and more importantly thicken what you’ve got? The importance of the second part is that the thicker, then the better, the fuller and more volume and the closer you can get to that desirable lumberjack look that you are striving for when you’re growing out your beard.

The classic advice that is given is to clean shave regularly to open follicles, and simply to be patient. However, whilst the effectiveness and benefits gained from shaving are debatable at best, and patience is a given since growing any kind of hair always takes time.

This is applicable for the early stages of beard growth. What about once it has reached a respectable stage already and you’re looking into how you might thicken it in order for it to reach its full potential. This is the next stage in it all, as you have progressed from the beginner stage. Now you’re looking at what options you have for your facial hair that can make it really stand out rather than just be another beard in the crowd.

That is where the question of what to do and what the best option is to take what you’ve already got and make it reach its fullest potential.

There’s only so much hair that can be grown before the next step is to ensure that you thicken it so that it isn’t just any other beard. It’s the fullest one that you could grow. That, unfortunately, doesn’t just happen by growing it out over time. If you’re looking to get the most out of your facial hair you need to take extra steps, whether that be by brushing, straightening, beard oil. That is, of course, you are one of the aforementioned very lucky ones, but the likelihood simply is that extra effort has to be made.


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