Hungary sex

PornHub is one of the biggest porn providers in the world, and it published its annual report just a couple of days ago with a lot of interesting information. One of them is which category Hungarians wanted to watch the most this year.

According to the data published by PornHub, people watched an incredible amount of porn in 2019, Index reported. People visited the page 42 billion times (which converts to 115 million visitors daily), uploaded 6.83 million new videos and searched 39 billion times on it. Data traffic reached 6,597 petabytes (which is 1 million times more than a gigabyte), which equals

209 gigabytes every second.

Regarding the most popular words people typed into the search box on PornHub, there is the “Apex Legends” (which is a video game), “Belle Delphine”, an Instagram-model, “POV”, “Alien” and the winner, the “Amateur” category. The internet site published the most popular categories in different countries as well.

According to this data,

in Hungary, lesbian porn was the most popular,

just like in 2018 and just as in North America and Australia. In Austria, anal was the most popular category, in Romania, it was the mature category (older women) while the Chinese mostly chose Japenese porn to watch.  Interestingly, Russians preferred to click on hentai porn the most (erotic Japenese cartoon movie).

The average PornHub user is 36 years old, and 3/4th of them watch porn on a mobile device. Regarding the operation systems, iOS beats Android by a slight margin. The rate of women users is only 32 pc (the highest is in the Philippines with 39 pc). Most porn is watched in the United States, followed by Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, and France.


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