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(MTI) – Statistics of real estate acquisitions by foreigners in Hungary have been published on the government’s website. On this basis, more than 1800 – the majority in Budapest – properties were bought by foreigners, most of them by Russians, said.

The figures show that the foreigners’ interest in buying Hungarian assets has increased: in 2013, a total of 1365 foreign nationals got license to acquire the ownership of 1267 real estates in Hungary. Most buyers were also Russian even a year ago.

There were 1158 in Budapest, 228 in Zala from the 1815 acquired real properties by foreigners last year; the least popular counties were Bekes, Nograd and Tolna, 3-3 properties were bought by foreign national in these areas.

Although even Seychelles or Yemeni citizens bought real estates in Hungary, most of the buyers were Russian and Chinese. Among the former, the majority acquired properties in Budapest (236) and Zala (228), the latter were almost only interested in Budapest flats, 355 out of like a 400 Chinese became owner in the capital, said.

Among foreign national, the top picks were residential houses, apartments, 1357 of these were sold. 36 holiday homes, 15 farm buildings and 409 “other” properties were purchased.

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