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Do you feel sad that the summer festival season is over, or are you simply looking for a pleasurable autumn program that you can fully enjoy? Check out our guide for the best autumn festivals.

Vine-harvest festivals all around the country!

Vine-harvest is one of the essential programs in the Hungarian countryside in the early autumn. During these events, most of the locals gather and have fun together over one or two nice glasses of Hungarian wine. To those who would like to experience the authentic and exciting atmosphere of harvest eves, we recommend trying the Újbuda Harvest Fest or the Tokaj Harvest Days in early October. The city of Esztergom also has similar programs to offer for both tourists and locals.

Szekszárd wine region
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The Harvest Days are of the oldest traditions in Tokaj, their history goes back as far as 1932, when the first official harvesting fest was organised. If that is not enough, the wine and palinka tasting will convince everyone to participate.

Besides, there will be several workshops and retro DJs during the night.

Looking for gastronomy festivals? Check out the Pumpkin Festival!

I bet you also know the feeling when, on a rainy autumn weekend, you stay in bed reading and drinking pumpkin spice latte or eating a pumpkin pie. If this sounds like an ideal program for you, you may as well go to the Pumpkin Festival in Zebegény.

Carved pumpkins
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Besides the interesting and funny programs all related to pumpkin, you can discover one of the most spectacular cities in the Danube Bend not far away from Visegrád, Nagymaros and Szentendre.

Jazz Days on lazy autumn weekends

A real jazz fan knows that it is way better to be able to listen to your favourite songs and tunes at live performances and concerts. Fortunately, there will be several opportunities to do so this autumn: the Jazz Festival organised by the radio channel ‘Jazzy’ at MOM Kult, or the Szeged Jazz Days early November.

Photo: Péter Wendl, Villány Gere Jazz Festival

On 5th October, concert-goers will get the chance to listen to the Earth, Wind and Fire Experience, and other jazz bands including Hungarian performers.

Visiting the Szeged Jazz Days also provides a great opportunity to get to know to the lovely city better.

Chimney cake and other ‘sweet’ festivals

We have already written about the success of chimney cake and the fact that it is a very popular sweet pleasure that visitors can enjoy at winter festivals. We have also shared a recipe, in case you want to try to do it yourself. However, if you would like to try different types of chimney cakes dedicated to the cake itself, or you are looking for a festival that is family- and children-friendly, you have found it.

Since the organisers offer a place to rest for adults and a variety of plays in the ‘Holnemvolt’ Castle near the zoo, most parents may be familiar with the numerous flavours of chimney cakes that organisers have to offer.

Chimney cake - kürtőskalács

In case you find yourself longing for a sweet trip to other great Hungarian cities, visit Debrecen between 27-29 October, as the Debrecen Sweet Days take place there at that time. Although Debrecen is best known for its flower parades and carnival, a convenient weekend trip is highly recommended in the autumn.

Just want to go out and drink? We have something for you

The Paulaner Oktoberfest between 27-30 September brings the atmosphere of German beer fests closer to visitors who do not want to go to München or Berlin. Naturally, the best part of the Oktoberfest is to have a great variety of beers including normal, well-known types or craft beers. Food trucks will be ready to assist visitors either as offering a snack for the beer or a full dinner.

beer oktoberfest paulaner
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Another interesting program for the lovers of electronic music and colorful parties may be UH Fest, organized for a whole week from 30th September-7th October.

The festival brings together several underground artists from Hungary, as well as from other places in the world. It aims at offering another perspective at the city, electronic music and music as art.

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