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Winter Wonderland in Transylvania – PHOTO GALLERY

Winter Wonderland in Transylvania – PHOTO GALLERY

Winter is still here, even though it keeps surprising us by interchanging sunny days with snowy ones. We have seen the magic it performed in Budapest, now let us take a look at what happens when you put together the Transylvanian forests and snow and add a talented photographer to the mix.

We have all seen how breathtakingly gorgeous the Transylvanian sights can be during the Autumn when nature dresses up in warm auburn and yellow, but it might be even more beautiful when the powdery snow visits. The following photos were taken by a Transylvanian landscape photographer, Ervin Szabó, who – one could say – specialises in aerial shots.

His unique shots of crooked roads in forests and forest animals are gaining more and more attention, with the young photographer having an audience on Instagram of over 16 thousand followers. We recommend checking out the rest of his ‘portfolio’, not just these wintery wonders.




Source: instagram

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