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The world’s first robot with a citizenship comes to Budapest

The world’s first robot with a citizenship comes to Budapest

Sophia, the world’s first robot who’s been granted a citizenship (in Saudi-Arabia) comes to Budapest in 2018 as a guest at the Brain Bar festival. Vá reports that you can also meet Hollywood’s visual designer daredevil, and you can find out about the dangers of the “start-up mania” trending across the globe.

Brain Bar will not wait for the future to reveal itself, but overtakes it” – so say the organisers. Between the 1st and 2nd of June 2018, Corvinus University’s campus will be the home of the next Brain Bar event, where the forerunners and important figures of technology, business, culture and politics will share their knowledge with those interested. The first 20 names have been announced recently.

For these speakers, the future is not just about applied technology, but more about how this will influence society and humanity.

The circle of the invited speakers is colourful and diverse, so that all spectators will find something interesting at the ‘fair’.

Sophia, the humanoid robot, makes jokes of the darkest fears of humanity. The creation of Hanson Robotics is capable of expressing human emotions, recognizes faces, thus maintaining eye contact, understands speech, and even jokes sometimes. Although her jokes are followed – in some cases – with fear, rage, or laughter. The robot was granted a citizenship in Saudi-Arabia and strangely (sadly as well), the robot has more rights than the women living there. Sophia played rock-paper-scissors with television host Jimmy Fallon and was featured on Elle magazine’s cover.

Nathan Crowley – who puts his trust rather into the power of human creativity than into artificial simulations – says that

if it is needed, he will stand atop an active volcano or in icy water just to get the perfect angle.

He is Hollywood’s most sought-after and most fearless visual designer, who’s brain is turned on by black holes, wormholes and space- and time bends. He creates futuristic worlds inspired by the present. His successful portfolio includes titles such as the Christopher Nolan-directed Dark Knight trilogy, Dunkirk, Interstellar, or Westworld (if you remember, Westworld‘s musical composer will come to Budapest next May as part of the Game of Thrones concert experience). What makes him even more likeable is that he is not reluctant to grab a hammer and start working on the set.

If you’d like to find out more about next year’s event, click here.


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