The officer saw a woman struggling in the water 3-4 metres away from the Pest bank of the Danube. He did not hesitate to jump after her, and took her out with the help of his partner just minutes later – reported police.hu.  In fact, this was not their first life-saving action. In July, they managed to resuscitate a man in the 8th district. As we reported before, a British aristocrat was not that lucky: his body was found in August in the river after he fell from the Chain Bridge.

Heroes exist in Hungary

Sergeant-major Ferenc Balogh spotted the woman in trouble on Tuesday evening at 9:25 pm, near the Elisabeth Bridge while he was spending the evening of his day-off. All the same, he did not hesitate and jumped after her, swimming 3-4 metres in the rapid Danube. However, by the time he reached the spot where he saw the woman before, she had already sunk underwater. Thus, he

started to search the river bed and fortunately found the woman.

Meanwhile, his partner, Sergeant Zoltán Bakos, called for help and together they finally managed to take the woman out of the cold water. Afterwards, they put her into recovery position until her respiration stabilized. Finally, their colleagues arrived so they could put her into an isolation blanket preventing hypothermia.

Sergeant-major Ferenc Balogh. Photo: http://www.police.hu/

This was not the first time they saved someone‘s life

Police.hu reported before that they were on patrol service in July, in Népszínház Street, 8th District, when they encountered a man lying on the ground. Based on what they learnt on a course called Police Medic, they checked his life functions.

Since the man’s

respiratory and cardiovascular systems were not functioning,

one of them started to resuscitate him with chest compression while the other made sure that his respiratory tracks remained free. Meanwhile, the ambulance arrived and continued the process until, finally, they managed to resuscitate the man. After they stabilized his state, they took him to hospital.

Sergeant Zoltán Bakos. Photo: http://www.police.hu/

Source: police.hu

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