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The body of a British aristocrat was found in the Danube river after the man fell from the Chain bridge, as reports.

We have previously reported about the case when the identity of the man was still unknown. Now, as the DailyMail writes, the man who was found dead later was a member of an aristocrat family.

As we have written earlier, the eye-witnesses of the whole story saw three people climbing up to the bridge, but there was only one who went up until the high point from where he fell. His friends seemed to be encouraging the person to climb even further when the tragic event happened. Back at the time of the report, it was still unclear who the man might be.

Now, the DailyMail found out that he was the grandchild of the Liberal Party’s leader, Sir Archibald Sinclair, who fought together with Winston Churchill in World War I.

archibald sinclair
Archibald Sinclair, former Secretary of State for Air. Photo: Wikipedia

Sir Archibald Sinclair was an influential man, a friend of Churchill and later secretary of state under the PM’s turn in office. In contrast to this, his grandson was much of a hedonistic character: he was friends with several other descendants of rich British families but he also drank hard and did a lot of drugs.

‘When I first met William, it was all fun and games, a breath of fresh air,’ his former girlfriend wrote in her memoir. ‘He gave the impression that he had the constitution of Keith Richards and could handle any amount of alcohol, and although we all did coke, I just can’t put my finger on when it escalated to crack.’

As for the cause of his final actions that lead to his death – climbing onto the bridge -, a friend told the DailyMail that ‘it was a moment of bravado that just went wrong’.

Previously, we have reported about another scandalous climb to the bridge: during his stay in Budapest, Will Smith also climbed to the Chain Bridge to make a video – a move considered by many as extremely dangerous and that has a bad influence.

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