hungarian folklore
Photo: Hungarians around the World

Two Hungarian youngsters, Réka and Kristóf, are living on a 43-year-old sailboat and just started their 3 year long circumnavigation around the globe. On their way, in every country where they throw the anchor, they present a Hungarian-themed wayfarer photo exhibition, and they make videos of that country’s folklore in English on their YouTube channel.

The couple founded the Hungarians Around the World Association and announced a photo competition on the topic of Hungarian folklore. Of the more than 100 photos received, 22 photos were selected based on the decision of the 3-member jury.

From Kalotaszeg’s smiling beauties – through the silent sight of Lake Balaton to Hortobágy, many Hungarian symbols appear in the pictures.

The 22 photos are the proud work of 11 lucky contestants. The winning pictures are displayed along their journey. The primary goal of the association and the wayfarer exhibition is to strengthen the Hungarian consciousness of the Hungarians living in the diaspora, and to spread and promote the Hungarian folk culture around the world.

hungarian folklore
Réka and Kristóf in folk costum from Kalocsa region, Hungary. Photo taken by Moraru Beatrice Vivien

The first exhibition was held from 17 to 19 May 2019 in Croatia, in Zaton Bay near Dubrovnik. The authentic Croatian Konoba Dandy, proved to be the most suitable for this purpose.

The event is also mentioned in the Croatian Dubrovnik Press.

hungarian folklore

The further stages of the traveling exhibition will be Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey, after the Atlantic crossing , Brazil, the Caribbean and finally the Pacific.

hungarian folklore

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Source: Hungarians around the World

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