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10 Hungarian quotes about Christmas

10 Hungarian quotes about Christmas

Yes, we’re still buzzing from the coming holiday, but who doesn’t? Christmas is something that we wait for all year, so we’ve collected a couple of Hungarian quotes that celebrate Christmas or put into words what this time of the year means for people. Enjoy!

Christmas is not about being careful of how much weight you’ll gain. – Andrea Keleti, dancer

We try to remember only the beautiful Christmas times. Christmas represents the celebration of peace and love so that the bad memories will slip our attention. They slowly fade away from our minds. – Szilveszter E. Vizi, physician, neuroscientist

Christmas is the holiday of the heart not of the ration. When you’re standing next to the Christmas tree, your heart feels those that you cannot see with your eyes and cannot believe with your ration. – Péter Müller, writer


Sometimes remnants of Christmas days from the past visit me from the depths of my memory, and they bring the old times and people into the light. These people will live again and forever, in the soft, floating light of the tiny Christmas candles. – István Fekete, writer

Christmas is not just a day, it cannot be just a day, it is impossible for it to go away after 24 hours, because Christmas is a feeling. It is the feeling of love. – Tamás Csitáry-Hock, journalist, writer

Around Christmas time, a lot of people feel that instead of giving a present that’s price indicates how much love you feel for the given person, it would be wonderful to be able to provide the warmth of our hearts. – Lajos Papp, physician

The present that you’ve prepared yourself is much more precious. As you’re making it, you keep thinking of the person that you’ll give it to. It is not just a moment of purchase; it will take long hours and evenings by the time you’re finished with it. This way, your love is built into the present. – Adél Kálnay, writer

Christmas should not be in the snow, in the stars, in the delicious scone or on the sparkling Christmas tree, but in our hearts. – Domokos Szilágyi, poet

Make a wish so that everything that you’ve thought tonight will be true tomorrow and the day after that too. Wish for a true celebration, for a more honest life, and for a peaceful Christmas to everyone. – excerpt from a song by Piramis

The true essence, worth and warmth of Christmas is brought to life when our souls touch each other. A nicely set table with delicious food helps the holiday to shine brighter, but without love, the table and the food will be a pile of expandable, worthless items. – András Simon, artist

Source: Daily News Hungary

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