The Parliament of Budapest is one of the most beutiful buildings in the country, and it is also one of the most popular sights to see when one visits the capital. reports that last fall, an exhibition opened below the Parliament’s building which presents the building’s history and provides interesting facts about the building. Videos from this exhibition have been uploaded to YouTube and are now available to watch both in English and in Hungarian.

You can watch 10 interesting videos about the Budapest Parliament building online for free. Here are the first 5 videos presented. We provide brief summaries of what each video is about.

1. Struck by History

This video showcases the various places where the National Assembly was held in Budapest before today’s Hungarian Parliament Building was built. For example, Joseph II reconstructed a monastery in Buda in order to house the National Assembly. The video also mentions the alternative locations of today’s Parliament Building.

2. Shattered windows and bullet holes

This video demonstrates the serious damages the Parliament Building endured during the Second World War and it also discusses the many structural changes that had to be done after. The video also mentions the monuments that had to be replaced after the war.

3. History of Kossuth Square

This video is an interesting and really cool animation of how Kossuth Lajos square developed and changed over time. The building of the Parliament obviously had a huge effect on the square. The video shows how statues came and went, and how the transportation system was changed and adjusted.

4. Design

The Hungarian Parliament Building was designed by Imre Steindl. This video presents how the blueprints of the Parliament were made in 1882. The architectural drawing tools of Steindl’s time (including wooden rulers, ink and pencils) are presented and compared with a state of the art drafting software.

5. The Construction of the Parliament Building

This video is probably the most exciting of all the five. The video portrays a beautiful animation about the construction of the Budapest Parliament Building from scratch. The video starts from landscaping, but we also we also see the scaffolding and everything else. The video ends with the finished building. It is really interesting to see how the building came to being and the animation is very well-done.

As you probably noticed, these 5 videos are mostly about what happened before the building of the Parliament was built, how the building itself was designed and constructed. The second part of this article will feature videos that, among other things, provide interesting infomartion about the building of today’s Parliament. Stay tuned, because there are 5 more videos about the Hungarian Parliament to come!