As it was promised, here are the next 5 interesting videos about the Hungarian Parliament Building based on a list assembled by Index. In Part 1, we introduced videos about where the National Assembly was held before the Parliament was constructed, how the building was designed and built up, and how Kossuth square changed over time. In Part 2, the 5 videos listed offer a glimpse into today’s Parliament building.

6. Outstanding Craftsmanship in Every Detail

This video aims to emphasize the outstanding craftsmanship that went into each and every little detail of the building. The video shows the beautiful frescos, the carefully decorated windows and detailed woodworking that can be found within the building. The music is a really nice touch to the video, and it goes very well with the visuals. We are used to seeing the building from the outside, but through this video we are able to see just how incredibly phenomenal the building is from the inside as well.

7. Ever wondered how the Prime Minister’s study looks like?

This video is showcasing all the places that cannot be visited: such as the studies of the President, the Prime Minister and the Presiding Officer. The most beautiful boardrooms are also presented.

8. A workday on the roof

This video is about the maintenance of the building. It is loaded with interesting facts about how such a monumental building is maintained. Did you know that the entire roof surface is monitored every day? It is also interesting to see how a burnt out lightbulb is replaced in the huge chandelier of the dome hall.

9. Heating, cooling, air conditioning

This video shows and explains how the revolutionary heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems of the building are operated. This video is a combination of a nicely done animation and real footage of the building and its mock-up.

10. What if?

Last but by no means least, the 10th video shows how the Hungarian Parliament Building would look like if another designer would have won the design competition and not Imre Steindl. We can see the 3D animations of the other building designs, and we also get to see other parliament buildings built before the turn of the century in other countries of the world.

This was Part 2 of 10 interesting videos about the Hungarian Parliament Building.

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