According to, the oenologists and wineries of the famous Hungarian wine regions produce beverages that are acknowledged all over the world. It’s no surprise that the excellent wines and the gastronomic experiences connected to them move more and more tourists. This is what wine hotels are based on.

Even though several hotels only call themselves wine hotels because they are located in one of the wine regions, they are not necessarily the best ones. The following three wine hotels not only have rooms to book, but also great wineries and wine-tasting events.

Hotel Bonvino Wine & Spa

Hotel Bonvino found in the heart of Badacsony recently won the Wine Hotel of 2017 award. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful volcanic mountains, which offer great programmes like Nordic walking tours and horse riding. This is completed with the hotel’s wellness services, yoga and, of course, wine dinners that top off your days.


The rooms of the hotel tell about the traditions of Lake Balaton. Guests can choose to spend the nights in traditional, rustic or modern luxury. Besides the exclusive selection of the restaurant, the wine bar is also a must-try in case you want to taste local beverages.

Kreinbacher Estate

József Kreinbacher has been dealing with viticulture in Somló since 2002. By now his estate covers 50 hectares on the hill’s basaltic side. They grow furmint, Riesling, hárslevelű, syrah and juhfark, the specialty of Somló. Besides wines, they also make delicious champagnes.

The 16 rooms of the Kreinbacher Estate combine ultramodern style with the traditional values of the countryside.


Crocus Gere Wine Hotel & Resort

The Gere family built the Crocus Hotel directly near the world-famous cellars of Villány. Guests who would like to take part in a gastronomic journey of a lifetime can choose from the selection of the Mandula Restaurant and Wine Bar. Besides the wines, distillates, brandies, cigars and the delicacies of the bistro kitchen are also available for tasting.


However, you can do something else with the wines in Crocus. The hotel’s wellness services include vino-therapeutic treatments, which feature their own beauty products. Moreover, the wooden, brick and leather elements used in the 34 rooms of the hotel create a warm atmosphere.

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