We have already suggested Hungarian cosmetics brands and reported about Hungarian fashion brands gaining international fame. Now NLCafé luckily compiled a list of five up-and-coming interior design companies most worthy of your attention.

Hungarian designers have been successful in Dubai as well, and they stand out both in furniture and decoration. There is always a new designer, a new brand, a new idea, so here is a list of five that would be a pity to miss.

1. HANNABI – Sofa dreams

The brand was established in 2010 by designer Anikó Rácz.

They combine tradition and personal needs with the contemporary design,

creating ergonomic arches and maintaining a focus on their customers. The brand now counts as one of the market leaders in our region, with rather prominent clients: the UN headquarters in Vienna, the Hungarian National Gallery or the Hungarian Embassy in Austria, just to mention a few examples. Their webpage offers many comfortable sofas and various decorations to pair them with.

Unique sofa design by Hannabi. Photo: facebook.com/hannabi

2. Fészek Részek (Nest Pieces) – For the environmentally conscious

This Hungarian brand set as its goal to create stylish furniture with minimal waste from natural materials only – and they succeeded. Fészek Részek, founded by László Bergovecz uses a so-called CNC technology, which reduces the amount of waste to 5 percent when cutting the birch wood disks. Furthermore, when assembling the furniture, they rely on physics, that is on tenon and mortise joints. Thus screws and glues are unnecessary.

The key aim is to keep the amount of waste low, which contributes to a unique but clear design.

Minimal waste, environmentally conscious table from Fészek Részek. Photo: facebook.com/feszekreszek

3. Plydesign – The rebuilders

Plydesign was founded 25 years ago by Tamás Babits and his father, and this year

they received the honour to be represented in a prestigious furniture exhibition in Stockholm, for the second time.

The main material used is plywood, hence the name, and they use it to give new life to old pieces of furniture. They also keep in mind innovation, supporting young creators. Their designer, András Kerékgyártó has studied his trade both at home and in Finland, and the meeting of Scandinavian design and his own cultural heritage is visible in his creations.

The mixture of Scandinavian design and Hungarian creativity in Plydesign chairs. Photo: facebook.com/plydesign.eu

4. Adamlamp – Turn the lights on

When it comes to Hungarian lamp design, one must mention Adamlamp. Their products are based on the play of light and shadow, working with natural and geometrical shapes alike. The brand was founded by Ádám Juhász, who graduated from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, and started designing and creating lamps afterwards. His creations are guaranteed to light up any room with excitement.

The game of light and shadow by Adamlamp. Photo: facebook.com/adamlampstudio

+1. Lagom – Colourful decoration

The decorative brand is named after the Swedish lifestyle and sells colourful one-line drawings and words, created from wire, covered with crochet. They are an excellent, simple yet stylish way to decorate your living room or the nursery, for instance. What is more, you can choose from given patterns or order your very own.

Whichever you choose, you can be sure that it has no match, as all their products are handmade.

Handmade wire decoration from Lagom. Photo: facebook.com/lagomworld

Whether you are moving or redecorating, consider choosing one – or more – of these stunning and creative Hungarian brands to liven up your home!

Featured image: facebook.com/hannabi

Source: nlcafe.hu

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