Students like to live and study in Budapest, and no wonder, it is a beautiful, classy and modern metropolis at the same time. Eduline has collected five of the main reasons why students find studying in Budapest one of the best experiences in their lives.

We’ve been presenting the best Hungarian universities for some time now, and writing about how successful they are. If studying in Budapest has crossed your mind, but you’re still unsure about it, then you should check out why students find the Hungarian capital appealing.

#1 Budapest is a city that nurtures culture: there are numerous theatres (some do English language plays or provide English subtitles), cinemas, galleries and museums, concert halls. You will never get bored here.

The National Theatre, the Ludwig Museum and the Palace of Arts

#2 Looking for a place to let the steam off and have a few drinks? Good news, Budapest is filled with pubs and clubs.

Almost everyone has heard about the famous ruin bars of Budapest,

but there are dance clubs too and fancy wine bars. It’s all up to your liking.

Kandalló Kert ruin bar
photo: fb/kandallokert

#3 The Danube. Do we have to explain ourselves? It’s an amazing feeling when you’re walking along the Danube bank or across one of the bridges. Plus, there are a lot of great spots at Margaret Island to read a book when the weather is nice. The fish at the Roman Shore is tasty and rewarding after a tough exam. Cruise along the Danube on board the BKK boats, trust us, it’s great for self-reflection.

The Chain Bridge

#4 The downtown parks are truly lively and peaceful. Since the university campuses are all near one of the bigger parks, you can spend the hours between two lectures hanging out there. You can enjoy the sunshine on the National Museum’s steps, collect brown leaves in Károlyi Garden, or just simply

let the ducks melt your heart while you’re relaxing on the bank of the Városliget Lake.

Károly Garden

#5 If you want to learn a new language, then Budapest is one of the smartest choices. First of all, you can pick up some Hungarian from the locals. Secondly, half of Europe parties and spends their holiday here. Thirdly, a lot of Erasmus students live here. It’s only a matter of time before you bump into someone who speaks a language other than yours.


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