Elizabeth Bridge Budapest Hungary
Elizabeth Bridge

No doubt, people who live here love Budapest and stylemagazin.hu tells why. Read their top 5 list, which tries to show some of the reasons why the Hungarian capital is such a great city to live in or visit, without mentioning the already known national treasures, such as the Fisherman’s Bastion or the Széchenyi bath.

  1. A diverse city

Pest is always full of life, noise, crowd, and there is constantly something going on, while Buda is family-friendly, quiet, calm, and friendly in general. Thus, whatever it is you’re looking for, you may easily find it in our diverse Budapest.


  1. With a thriving cultural life

Every day there are several cultural events, let it be a live concert at Akvárium, in the heart of the city, a photo exhibition, a fashion show, food truck show or a horse race. But if you were to take your dog to a dog show you won’t have to go anywhere else either, and the list could easily go on for ages. You only have to open your eyes and embrace the opportunities Budapest presents you.

  1. Full of opportunities

Speaking of which, the writer shares her theory how people coming from the countryside do definitely realize: Budapest is the city of opportunities. Those who move to the capital from a smaller town or village feel like everything’s possible, “the world opens up” for them. Her very own experience proves it: in 2 years she realized anything she wants can be achieved, it only takes hard work and what’s a better place to start from than the capital?

  1. And the foods!

The city’s full of amazing places with unique atmospheres where you can have quality foods and drinks without having to pay a fortune. For instance, the writer mentions the hidden gems of the Kálvin Square-Astoria-Franciscans Square-Fővám Square area, but if looking for live music, don’t hesitate to visit Madách Square. Anything it is you need, whether a burger while watching a match, a cosy place to have a great breakfast or a new generation café you’ll surely find it in the city.

  1. This is Budapest

The great capital city of our small country, the home of almost 2 million babies, students, adults and pensioners. The beloved destination of tourists, important scene of our history. The beating heart of Hungary.


Photos: Mikobea(commons.wikimedia.org); Thaler(commons.wikimedia.org)

Copy editor: bm

Source: stylemagazin.hu

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