Desszert.Neked dessert chocolate DIY workshop

Budapest is an exciting city, and it has a lot to offer. If you have already finished with the usual programmes such as sightseeing, try something exciting. collected 6 exciting Do It Yourself (DIY) workshops where you can unleash your creativity.


Springtime is here, and nature is waking up. It means that this is the perfect time for getting busy and decorating the house. Flow’&More helps with a lovely project: a handmade wreath. By applying to their workshops, participants can create their own, unique wreath. Furthermore, they can use it to decorate their homes or also to give it as a present. Flow’&More offers you a happy and friendly atmosphere. You can come alone or with relatives and family members. Additionally, there is an option for team building activities as well. Finally, Flow’&More can help you with creating the perfect decoration for your wedding or other events.

Flow'&More DIY wreath workshop

Apacuka Ceramics

Are you searching for ceramics that have a special function or unique value? Are you tired of the same boring patterns? Apacuka Ceramics helps you create your own design. At their workshops, you can shape your own plates or mugs with 180 different samples. Workshops take place in a family work-room in the suburbs of Budapest, and all the necessary equipment is available.

apacuka ceramics DIY workshop

Desszert.neked (Dessert for you)

If you have ever been to Budapest’s city centre and you also like sweets, you must have heard about Desszert.Neked. It bakes unbelievably delicious cakes, muffins, macarons and more but on the other hand, it also organises creative baking workshops. Here, anyone can get familiar with French style baking and bring some sweets home after the occasion. The workshops could be wonderful birthday gifts as well as perfect rendezvous options.

Desszert.Neked dessert chocolate DIY workshop

Napműhely (Sun work-room)

At this place, you have the opportunity to let your creativity free. Napműhely offers a wide range of workshops such as creating copper jewellery or painting silk. Participants can make a fantastic collection of earrings, a necklace, and bracelets at the copper jewellery workshop. They can use samples but work with their own ideas as well.

Napműhely DIY crafts workshop


Does it bother you, when you come across with somebody on the street who is wearing your new purse? Would you like to have unique accessories? Mittersisters is for you then. You can design your own, high-quality products at their work-room following to your own taste and ideas. This way, you can add stylish pieces to your collection and also express yourself.

Mittersisters workshop DIY

Paint Cocktail

This company transforms popular bars into busy work-rooms where you can paint for your own joy with the help of a professional instructor. While working on your masterpiece, you can also have a drink with your friends. Do you think that you cannot paint? Then, Paint Cocktail is definitely for you. Give a try, and you will be surprised. What is more, you will be richer with an unforgettable memory.

DIY Paint Cocktail workshop

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