Murder Knife Gyilkosság Késelés

The news took off about a body found in a car’s trunk at a police department in Hungary. The case originates from an attempted robbery; a man stabbed a saleswoman in Nyíregyháza several times. Fortunately, the woman survived, because a pedestrian saw the incident, banged on the window of the shop, upon which the perpetrator ceased his attempt of robbery and fled.

Only a little later, the police had a suspect, the 23-year-old K. Antal from Mátészalka. During the week, a connection between him and another case became evident; the man committed homicide and hid the victim’s body in the trunk of a car – as it can be read on

From this point on, the events take an interesting turn; however, we have clashing information about the details. The perpetrator used his father’s car during the robbery, and the first news reported that the car in question was found in Debrecen, near Nagyerdő. They brought the vehicle to the police department in Nyíregyháza. It was also reported, that during the investigation of the car, the body was immediately found.

Still, according to Index’s information, the car was delivered to the police department last Friday, yet the corpse was only discovered on Monday. The body of the young woman was inside the trunk of the car for two days, while the policemen had no idea about it.

Also, according to the source of information, the car was not found in Debrecen, but in Mátészalka, in Szegfű street; the policemen took the car to the police department from there. The reason why they were unable to check the car right away was that of the aggravation of law concerning overtime. Thus, the employees of the police department were only able to examine the car on Monday, with the presence of the father of the suspect.

Blikk found another reasoning behind the events; the cause of the delay in the examination of the evidence was due to the need of the department waiting for some kind of permission. Thus, when they eventually opened the trunk, they were shocked to find a corpse.

Index sent a few questions concerning the huge blunder to the press office of the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county police headquarters, but unfortunately, no proper answer was received. They defended with a template answer, stating that they can provide no further information until the case is closed.

It is interesting, however, that the suspect from Mátészalka might be connected to the brutal murder of a 25-year-old saleswoman in 2003. A case closed without a perpetrator at that time.

Unfortunately, crimes happen everywhere. These two articles show the darker side of humans and how life can be harsh sometimes.

A murderer gets money because the jail he was in did not meet the requirements and a brutal murder case in Hungary.


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