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A desperate old lady throw herself into the Danube at Ráckeve

A desperate old lady throw herself into the Danube at Ráckeve

A desperate old lady jumped into the Danube in Ráckeve. The attempted suicide ultimately failed, because two policemen were able to rescue her from the cold, 12 °C water. Gábor Doszkos warrant officer and Miklós Wesselényi staff sergeant commented to Zsaru Magazin about the successful rescue two weeks ago, as wrote.

“I was at the dispatcher’s office and sat in front of the surveillance camera displays when after 1 hour am, a lonely figure appeared on the empty street. It was strange to see someone walk alone in a totally empty city. From the recordings, I was able to tell that the figure was a small, old lady.

Just right after it struck me, why would she be out on the streets alone?

I was watching her movements and saw that she was headed towards the river. She went pretty close to the railings, and she even attempted to step on the lower portion of the railings several times. Then I knew what’s gonna happen” – said Wesselényi, representative of Ráckeve Police Department.

In a previous case, two policemen saved the life of a woman. You can read more about those Hungarian heroes here.

Wesselényi, with Gábor Doszkos deputy commissioner and with Gábor Tóth sergeant-major ran to Árpád bridge, which was about 150 meters away from the building of the police department. They reached the bridge in seconds and Wesselényi, counting on the worst outcome, immediately ran to the bank of the river, while the two other officers approached her on the bridge. Before the two policemen could reach her, she threw herself off the bridge and into the water.

Wesselényi got his clothes off without delay and jumped into the water to save the woman.

“I asked my colleagues to try and help me with their flashlights. I saw some ripples in the water and I started swimming in that direction.

I haven’t had to save anyone from the water before,

the only idea I had was that I need to make her cooperate, by force, if necessary, because she could’ve dragged us both down with her desperate thrashing. It was unnecessary because she was floating on the surface of the water completely still. Around about 25 meters from the shore. I grabbed the hood of her coat and pulled her out of the water” – added the heroic policeman.

In the meantime, his colleagues lifted her out of the water and called the ambulance and firefighters. While they were waiting for them to arrive, the policemen covered her with a blanket and kept her talking in order to prevent her from falling unconscious. The ambulance took the old lady to the hospital.

Strange things happen to the Danube lately, if you want to read more about what could be behind it, read this.

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