facebook/Országos Mentőszolgálat reports the unbelievable story that because of a pine tree, that grew in the middle of a street, the ambulance could not reach the home of a Hungarian, who was suffering from heart disease, in time. This incident eventually led to the death of the man living in Leányfalu. Here are the details of the tragedy.

After the incident happened, Borsonline visited the settlement when they personally witnessed how difficult it is to approach the narrow street with a huge pine tree. The case causing the death of the patient happened in December, but the ambulance only reacted now.

In fact, it can be stated that the pine tree grown in the middle of the street leading to the house where the couple lived was indirectly the cause of the death of the man. The ambulance could not arrive in time. As the widow of the man states, the local government had done nothing despite the fact that they did not miss to tell them about the man’s serious heart condition when they moved to the settlement.

In 1977, the government took action to provide a 5-meter wide route for locals living in that area, but there are several parts of this route that do not even reach the selected width. As a consequence, the ambulance could only approach the house, in which the man got sick, on foot, and that undoubtedly took time.

The widow, who turned to litigation, says that nothing has been done since they moved to Leányfalu in 2015. As she reports, after the death of her husband, they decided to take the case to court, and the expert report also supports their legal position.

As she says, the local government told her that they are not responsible for providing access to the houses located in that area and since December, the only change made was that the route was covered with gravel.

A neighbour pointed out that the issue of the tree has been a longstanding matter in the settlement, but as he knows, the authorities including the ambulance, the firefighters and the police declared that the route is passable and the houses are approachable. It is the local government who is responsible for the maintenance of the roads and that nothing blocks the road. A traffic safety expert also confirmed that a case like this has to be immediately solved by the government.

When János Loszmann, mayor of the settlement, was asked about the incident by the paper, he brought the matter to a close with a short answer in which he expressed that the tree should not be cut down and, if it is absolutely necessary, he would chain himself to it to prevent something like that.

Recently, the ambulance workers fighting for saving the man’s life stated in that they do not want to be involved in the debate on the issue of the tree. They did everything they could and fought to resuscitate the patient for an hour, but unfortunately, they could not save his life.

Featured image: facebook/Országos Mentőszolgálat


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