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EUROPOL’s “Crime has no gender” campaign. Source: https://www.facebook.com/europol

EUROPOL has collected the names of the most wanted female criminals in 22 EU member states.

As reported by 24.hu, the Hungarian Police are involved with EUROPOL’s “Crime has no gender” campaign. The campaign hopes to move beyond the stereotype that only men are capable of serious crime.

A Hungarian criminal Ildikó Dudás is one of the most wanted female criminals in Europe, according to EUROPOL.

The crimes committed by these individuals include murder, drug and human trafficking, and fraud. EUROPOL hopes that more and more people check out the “Europe’s most wanted crime has no gender” website, as public participation increases the likelihood of crime crackdown. Members of the public can submit information to detectives anonymously directly via the website.

Dudás’ biography on the EUROPOL campaign site point to a range of serious criminal activities; between 2010 and 2012 she sold drugs in the bars and nightclubs on the shore of Lake Balaton, all the while consuming speed, cocaine and ecstasy with her partner. She not only consumed the drugs in her children’s presence, but the children also witnessed her drug transactions. She has been sentenced for 6 years imprisonment.

International cooperation amongst EU member states could improve security and public safety, in addition to aiding the repression of criminal activities across the continent.

This month we reported of a strange robbery attempt in Budapest. A Serbian arms smuggler was also arrested in Southern Hungary.

Featured image: https://www.facebook.com/europol. 

Source: 24.hu, police.hu, eumostwanted.eu

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