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Wine is maybe the most well-known beverage in the world. It has been accompanying mankind in the majority of its history, and we can solemnly state that it contributed to shaping us into the way we are today. But does such a long time mean that we know everything about wine? Or that all the important features are generally known about it? Let us take a look at a lesser-known but rather delicious form of wine that has a great tradition in Hungary: murci.

But what is murci?

Murci is a beverage in a special state. This state is between the must and the ultimate wine. Murci is going through a constant fermentation process, and as time goes by, it inevitably becomes wine – except we drink it. If we do, we can feel something extraordinary.

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The taste of this beverage is sweet, but we can also taste and feel alcohol in it as we swallow. Besides having a very sweet taste, it has massive alcohol content, above 10%; therefore, it affects us the same way as wine does. However, it is not that conspicuous while drinking it because of its sweet taste. It is like must or wine (most similar to new wine), but later we can realise that it is something very different. Besides alcohol, murci has great sugar content as well, which helps alcohol reach the brain much faster through the blood. This is something that people find surprising after drinking some murci. They think it is a light, sweet beverage, and there is nothing to worry about. But after some minutes, they become dizzy, dopey, and soon, completely drunk.

This special state, taste, and impact have inspired many winemakers to go further. Making murci and enjoying it alone is good. Sharing it with friends and acquaintances is better.

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But inviting hundreds/thousands of people to a festival where they can all enjoy murci is probably the best.

This is what happens every year in Hungary in different parts of the country in August and September. Murci festivals are becoming more and more popular in the country, especially around Lake Balaton, e.g. in Ábrahámhegy or Balatonlelle-Kishegy etc. – but near Budapest as well e.g. in


Vecsés is a traditional German settlement in the agglomeration of the capital. The town is famous for preserving German and Hungarian traditions. VII. Murci festival of Vecsés is going to be organised on 31st August 2019. Apart from murci, visitors can expect much entertainment provided by local music bands and dance groups. Traditional German and Hungarian music is included in the programme, along with the local cuisine’s specialities and – of course – murci.

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Murci festival – 2013








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