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Budapest, 2018. április 5. A Nemzeti Adó- és Vámhivatal (NAV) Bevetési Igazgatósága Kutyakiképzõ Központja a fõváros IX. kerületében 2018. április 5-én. MTI Fotó: Mohai Balázs reports that almost 100 taxpayers are featured on the biggest debtors’ list in the first quarter of the year. The average debt is HUF 139 million (EUR 445 thousand). Most of the companies in-debt are in wholesale trade, and several of them have undergone more than one owner changes.

The National Tax and Customs Administration has published the list of those debtors who have accumulated serious sums of debts or delinquent taxes in Q1 this year. Three original lists have been published. Two of them feature those who have failed to pay their taxes for 180 consecutive days, and in the case of private individuals, the unpaid taxes are over HUF 10 million (EUR 31 thousand), while in the case of companies the unpaid taxes amount to over HUF 100 million (EUR 319 thousand). The third list contains the names of those debtors who have heavy amounts of delinquent taxes: HUF 10 million for private individuals and HUF 100 million for companies.

The list of private individuals and proprietorships contains 3015 names, 2264 of them are private individuals, 717 are private proprietorships, and 34 individuals have no permanent address.

The minimum debt in this category is HUF 30 million (EUR 96 thousand).

The list containing the names of debtors who are not private persons features 1680 enterprises which are undergoing either a forced cancellation, bankruptcy proceedings, liquidation, or voluntary liquidation. The minimum debt is HUF 168 million (EUR 537 thousand).

Dozens of foreigners are featured too, in the majority Chinese people, who have Hungarian addresses, but even private persons who do not have a Hungarian address, most of them being Ukrainian, Serbian or Romanian.

30 billion in 3 months

On the third list, featuring the most serious cases of debts, 98 private persons and enterprises are mentioned. The National Tax and Customs Administration has set altogether HUF 13.7 billion (EUR 4.3 million) in delinquent taxes and HUF 15.5 billion (EUR 4.9 million) in legal consequences. In the first quarter of 2018, the sum of the debts is almost HUF 30 billion (EUR 95 million), whereas in the first quarter last year the double of this sum was demanded by the tax administration.

The average debt in Q1 in 2018 in HUF 139 million (EUR 445 thousand), while in Q1 2017 it was HUF 210 million (EUR 671 thousand).

The largest amounts of debts

DebtorAddressDelinquent tax (FT)Legal consequence (FT)
Optic Objekt Kft.1223 Bp., Nagytétényi út 190/B. I/2.1 646,81 459,4
Huszpán Csaba1142 Bp., Dorozsmai utca 9/B fszt. 3.650,51 309,9
Masa Contact Kft.1062 Bp., Aradi utca 15. fszt. 1.585,7329,5
Smart Electric System Kft.1142 Bp., Szőnyi út 33.500,7256,5
Hargitai Gáborérvényes magyarországi lakóhellyel nem rendelkezik483,8889,4
Orange Fruit Kft.1015 Bp., Hattyú utca 16. II/1.395,6218,6
Oceaneering International Magyarország Kft.2724 Újlengyel, Határ út 12.357,2195,1
Tihanyi Zoltán2220 Vecsés, Nefelejcs utca 1.327,0697,0
Szabó Lajos Zoltán2117 Isaszeg, Fenyves utca 26.326,0670,6
Ferro Business Hungary Kft.1042 Bp., Virág u. 39. fsz.em. 1.ajtó300,1449,1
Global-N Hungary Kft.1201 Bp., Attila utca 4. IV/17.297,0403,0
Monument Invest Kft.4029 Debrecen, Dobozi utca 9. II/7.a.294,2593,2
Mercantile Ker.-i és Szolg. Kft.2083 Solymár, Mátyás király út 117.269,8140,8
Transport Company Kft.1071 Bp., Dembinszky u. 44. fszt. 4.265,5137,4
Vígh Richárd1138 Bp., Gyöngyösi u. 6. 13.ajtó244,5504,6

There are five private persons in the top 15 overall serious debtors. The biggest debtor is Csaba Huszpán from Budapest with HUF 650 million (EUR 2 thousand), to which HUF 1.3 billion (EUR 4 million) interest and fine are added. The second biggest debtor is Gábor Hargitai who does not have a Hungarian address: he has a debt of HUF 438 million (EUR 1.4 thousand), with HUF 889 million (EUR 2.8 thousand). The third place is occupied by Zoltán Tihanyi from Vecsés, who has been banned from management for five years, with a debt of HUF 327 million (EUR 1 thousand).

An ironic feature

Among the individual private debtors, one will find a woman from Budapest who has a tax expert agency. According to her website, her agency is dedicated to helping people with paying taxes, giving advice on how to deal with tax benefits, and she also represents people in taxing cases. However, she has a debt of HUF 19 million (EUR 60 thousand).

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