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Globoport.hu writes that the 10-years-old African-Hungarian Union’s (AHU) donations were delivered to Santa’s Factory by the directors and colleagues of the organisation.

Sándor Balogh, the president of AHU, emphasized that one of the noblest missions is helping people in need. The African-Hungarian Union finds it very important to not only help in Africa, but also in Hungary. One of their basic principles is that even though charity and altruistic support have been thrown into the shade, we can’t forget about people in need. It’s not about the form of giving, nor about the size or value of the donation – what’s important, is that it comes from our hearts. And that we don’t turn our back on those who ask for help. Donation is a selfless sacrifice in favour of others.


Santa’s Factory welcomes any kind of donations at the Ötvenhatosok Square and all over the country. Last year, they helped more than 180,000 people in need in Hungary and passed hundreds of boxes of donations to settlements dwelled by Hungarians in neighbouring countries. The distribution of the donations is coordinated by the volunteers of the Hungarian Red Cross. Donations are primarily given to people in the poorest conditions.


Santa’s Factory is the biggest donation centre in Hungary, which tries to help people in need, in every year around Christmas. The Factory is already 12 years old, and what’s great about it is that people can donate all over the country at local post offices, which send the donations to the Hungarian Red Cross.

They primarily ask for durable food, cleaning and washing products, good quality clothes, books, toys and sweets. They emphasize that the poor need durable food the most, so they ask every donator to bring tinned food, pasta, flour, sugar, rice, oil etc. if they can. The gifts and donations don’t have to wrapped, they accept them in boxes and bags as well.

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