The Hungarian police used tear gas and water-cannons against an aggressive crowd of migrants at the Roszke-Horgos crossing station on the Serbian border on Wednesday afternoon.

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After the clash

Photo: MTI


  1. The guy in the black shirt throwing the rock should have his arm broken.

  2. It is totally appalling what these so called “refuges” allow themselves! These are decisively terrorists disguised as immigrants. They are lawless and aggressive and they totally out of order. They use the children and the woman to get public sympathy but will not follow order. It is outrages that no one seem to do anything to stop them!

  3. Oh my god send them bk where they belong they deserved to stay in syria they never appreciated nothing this people now its like they want to control hungary shit this people mostly male..i feel bad those innocent child but not to this male that they really violent

  4. If these cowards can put that effort in defending their country, they would have to be here. Go Hungary, you are doing the right thing that other European countries have failed to do.

  5. Curious here as to why the Western media isn’t showing any of this, or anything at all. CNN, SKYNEWS, RUSSIAN TV INT, CTV, just shows the the Hungarian news reporter women who basically shitting her pants when the migrants last week broke a police baracade and came straight for her only after having some police attacked. Why the western protection of these cultish people, and why too are their crimes in big cities in Europe being silenced and protected?.. Glad there is Youtube, just search for, “Swedish rape” or “German women against islam”, enough said…

  6. Awe poor sweet angelic migrants are supposed to violently attack the police and citizens of their potential host country

  7. It will happen the same thing in Germany and Sweden very soon…looking forward to see what german people will react

  8. USA Europe surrounded by wars. North Africa, the Levant and Ukraine. Now bring war to the heart of Europe. Europe penalize Russia. US corporations trading with Russia. IBM Rosatom equipped with electronics.
    Russia and the US kill Europe. Europe needs to wake up.

  9. Hi, they behave like animals, we don’t want them in Poland too. Good job Hungary, you have brave Orban.

  10. Thank you hungarian brothers. Europe needs your leadership!!! Polish people are gonna be always by your side. People in Poland are proud of you. God bless you!!!

  11. Hold the line hungarian brothers! Greetings from Bulgaria and God bless!

  12. solidarity with the refugees! f#ck the police and your neo-fascist orban

  13. If this is happening there, OH, MY, GOD! It will come here, too. The problem is in Syria, Not Europe or Canada or US of A Fix the problem THERE. Don’t leave these kinds of people rule the world. They want to destroy everything, They don’t want to change their ways to live like human beings. Watch out everyone.

  14. Ah come on Hungary I think that it is about time you started shooting these men with your machine guns!!! You are doing a great job KEEP IT UP YOU HAVE MY FULL SUPPORT. These Muslims are nothing but big big trouble they cause mayhem everywhere they go, remember 9/11, all the journalists they beheaded, Mr Jihadi John who was from my country and lit the fire leading to the cage that the poor young JORDIAN PILOT was burned to death in. Make no mistake about it Hungary THEY ARE EVIL EVIL EVIL PEOPLE. What about our gorgeous BRITISH SOLDIER WHO THEY BEHEADED WHILE HE WAS WALKING DOWN THE STREET IN LONDON IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, THEY ARE NOTHING BUT THE SCUM OF THE EARTH!!! Of course you wonderful people in Hungary you do know who is to blame for all this GERMANY (MRS MERKLE) she made all the Baltic Countries sign up to the Shengen Agreement and that is why you are all being invaded. Fortunately Great Britain would not sign up to the Shengen otherwise we would probably be in the same position as you. Merkle is nothing but a DICTATING OLD HAG HOWEVER IT IS ALL COMING BACK TO BITE HER IN THE ASS.

  15. @Friend form Poland, No thanks needed, we work together as in the past when you helped us.

    @Nikolay, You guys down there are our brothers, hopefully soon the EU will wake for us to join and assist you on the front line, we’re very proud of you, [email protected] the media!

    @randy, Your the only Neo-Facist Commie we see to date, go find a job serving shwarmas as some lebonese hotdog stand, you have nothing to offer here…

    @muslim imams, for those who would try to invade Europe as refugee cowards and throw rocks at police guards, i suggest you adjust your Sharia to have those culprits arms amputated, then maybe we’ll accept them….

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