Goulash might be the first food that people associate with the Hungarian cuisine, but lángos is by far the most beloved Hungarian food. It is the perfect street food to get after a night of drinking, on the beach, at the Christmas fair, or literally any time you get hungry. Let’s take a look at the most popular videos that were dedicated to this delicious fried dough.

Americans Try Hungarian Food

The video with the most views was posted by a channel called The Endless Adventure. They are a vlogger couple, Eric and Allison, who travel around the world and try as many food specialities as possible. As they put it in one of their videos,

they travel the world looking for the most interesting places and the most unique foods that this planet has to offer.

Everywhere they go, they always try the most famous traditional dishes that a particular country is known for. It is no wonder that when they came to Budapest, they tried chimney cake, goulash and of course the king of Hungarian street food: lángos. The couple tried the sajtos tejfölös lángos, which is the most popular among locals, it is lángos with sour cream and grated cheese.

“It’s like a savoury funnel cake, it tastes kind of like a donut but it is not really sweet… there is a lot to like about this, not much to dislike.”

They also pointed out that it is not a particularly healthy dish of course. I mean… it is fried bread. It is the embodiment of the term comfort food.

Hungarian lángos in New York

The second most viewed lángos video was posted by a channel called Globo Televízió. It is a small television channel broadcasted only in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, Hungary. Their main profile is news, and in this video, they made a report with Prepuk Zsolt, owner of a food truck in New York city, who specialises in the most popular Hungarian street food. Daily News Hungary already reported on Zsolt’s success in the United States when the video was first posted.

As it is apparent from the less-than-2-minutes-long video, New Yorkers love love love lángos.

The third most viewed video is a lángos recipe video that also appeared on our website two years ago when one of our editors found the video on YouTube and saw how popular it was. You can check out her piece on the video here. The video was posted by the channel Ballistic BBQ, which is “all about traditional Low N Slow barbecue and grilling.” They post videos about recipes and useful cooking techniques.

If I would have continued this list according to the No. of views on a video, there would be at least six other (quite similar) recipe videos. Therefore, I decided to pick the videos that I found most interesting among the ones with the most views on YouTube to finish my list. To see the most viewed videos about lángos lined up according to the No. of views on them, click here.

Hungry Hungarian Meal Time

This video by Hungarian Mealtime is a genius imitation (which is the sincerest form of flattery, as we know) of another YouTube channel that was extremely popular a few years ago, Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time.

Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time consisted of a group of Swedish guys who made these really funny cooking videos, in which they took on this Swedish Viking persona to express (and parody) what vikings were like (and stereotipically what Swedish are like?). In the videos, they act extremely masculine, strong, aggressive, loud and basically a little barbaric while cooking a bunch of recipes. I would highly recommend checking out their videos, they are hilarious, but let’s get back to Hungarian Mealtime.

Hungarian Mealtime consists of two Hungarian guys who have apparently drawn inspiration from the Swedish, and made very similar cooking videos, making traditional Hungarian meals. Naturally, they could not leave out lángos.

Lángos burger

This guy takes it to the next level. Chrono2040 is a YouTuber dad who usually makes cycling videos, but this time, he made a cooking video in which he makes one of his favourites: lángos burger. Lángos on its own is a pretty heavy meal, and making it into a burger seemed a little bit crazy to me at first, but I have to admit that it does look mouth-watering.

Featured image: Youtube.com/watch?v=RCwclccgoPg

Source: YouTube, Daily News Hungary

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