It is said that Hungarians love to eat and talk about food, gastronomy. To be honest, it would be hard to deny this statement, because the Hungarian cuisine is too good to not indulge in it. We are happy to see that more and more foreign websites and YouTube channels realise this and share great articles, videos about the topic. Hereby we’d like to share a video made by the team of foodCAST.

It’s hard to keep count of the gastronomy-related articles and videos we’ve shared on Daily News Hungary, but if you want to get an insight into how foreigners usually react when tasting Hungarian food for the first time, click HERE, HERE or HERE.

The team of foodCAST spent two days in Budapest with the aim of discovering the secrets of the Hungarian cuisine. The YouTube channel launched a new series called ‘Taste of…’ just recently, in which they visit interesting places to learn about cuisine and culture at the same time.

The well-edited video features the main touristic sights of the city and also gives tips about the best ways to discover Budapest’s gastronomic side.

Among others, they recommend visiting the Great Market Hall, the food stands at Erzsébet Square and cooking classes.

The video features traditional dishes like stuffed cabbage, lángos, chicken paprikash, goulash soup, Gundel pancakes and chimney cake. Lucky for you, we have recipes for all of them 😉

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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