According to, this year’s ice cream of Lake Balaton is the combination of almond, floating island, sponge cake, and white and dark chocolate chips. This is Almond kiss of the Festetics, a must try dessert for this summer.

The Balaton Tourism Association chose the most delicious ice cream of the lake-coast for the fourth time, in the frameworks of the Balaton Plus programme series. The jury of 4 took into consideration aspects like flavour, smell, consistency, colour, decoration, practice and Balaton-relatedness while choosing the winner.

This year’s winner ice cream is made in Gyenesdiás, in the western part of the lake. The chosen topic was inspired by the closeness of Keszthely and the heritage of the Festetics family.

“We found an old cookbook in a second-hand bookshop, which featured György Festetics’s favourite crispy merengue made with almond and vanilla. This was the base of our idea” said one of the creators of the winner ice cream, Renáta Somogyi at the press event presenting the dessert.


According to Tamás Fekete, the vice-president of the Balaton Tourism Association, 16 ice creams were entered this year and the quality gets better every year. It’s more and more common that confectioneries develop new ice creams just for the competition, which all tell different stories. The vice-president believes that the challenge-cup plays a significant marketing and gastronomic role.

The cup was given to the winner by Attila Pálfi, the owner of last year’s winner Florida ice cream shop. This year they came out with a Christmas inspired creation called Frosty Balaton, but they also created an icy dessert with white chocolate, caramel, chili sour cherry – perfect for summer grill parties.

Attila Pálfi believes that the decision is always subjective. “An old confectioner once said that the base of a good ice cream is nature itself. We use real fruit, animal’s milk and cream, without aromas” explained the owner, who believes that the key to success is constant high-quality.

The ice cream of Lake Balaton 2017: Bringatanya Ice Cream Shop, Gyenesdiás – Almond kiss of the Festetics, represented by Renáta Somogyi


Special prizes:
  • Amaretto Ice Cream Shop, Balatonalmádi – “Free” summer at Lake Balaton, represented by Tamás Varga
  • Cappuccino Café, Balatongyörök – Wine mousse of Badacsony, represented by József Somogyi
  • Florida Ice Cream Shop, Balatonmáriafürdő – Frosty Balaton, represented by Attila Pálfi
Certificate receivers:
  • Bagaméri Ice Cream Shop, Balatonfüred, represented by Sándor Márton
  • Hullám Buffet and Ice Cream Garden, Balatonmáriafürdő, represented by István Molnár
  • Pálma Confectionery, Keszthely, represented by Csaba Mándi and Fanni Mándi-Fekete
  • Wellamari Hotel & Ice Cream Workshop Ltd., Balatonzamárdi, represented by Annamária Kiss

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